Rogue is committed to ensuring that fitness is available for everyone. That includes making sure that our gear is available to as many as possible, so we try to make our website accessible and usable for all our customers, including those with disabilities. Our goal is to permit you to gather information and transact business through our website.

Rogue is taking a variety of steps and devoting resources to further enhance the accessibility of our website through continued monitoring, testing and site enhancements. We are proud of the efforts that we have completed and that are in-progress to ensure that our website is accessible to everyone. We view accessibility as an important ongoing effort and are seeking solutions to improve the accessibility of our site by providing regular training for those employees who touch every element of our website.

Need assistance?

If you have difficulty using or accessing any element of this website or if you have any feedback, please feel free to contact us so that we can work to correct the issue and assist with any immediate needs.