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Functional Trainers

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What is a Functional Trainer?

A functional trainer is a versatile piece of gym equipment that uses adjustable cables and pulleys to allow for a wide range of exercises targeting different muscle groups. Unlike basic cable machines that are often limited to single-plane movements, functional trainers enable multi-directional exercises, like cable flys and rotational movements, making them ideal for comprehensive strength training. Rogue functional trainers stand out by offering the option to use either weight stacks or plates as a weight source, and not needing proprietary attachments providing flexibility and customization to meet diverse training needs.

Choose between a free-standing unit like our CT-1 Cable Tower or an all-encompassing power rack with a functional trainer built in, like our FM-6 or FM-HR Functional Trainers. Regardless of your choice, you can rest assured that you are getting the best functional trainer on the market, utilizing an over-built design, robust parts, and the service to stand behind it.


Functional trainers and cable machines are perfect for anyone looking to enhance their strength program. Whether you’re someone looking to set up a home gym, a coach training athletes, or an athlete of any skill level, these machines offer versatile training options.

For those tight on space, our FM-HR Twin and FML-HR Twin Functional Trainers offer the most compact footprint while still maintaining their full functionality as racks, allowing you to rack a barbell, and store your plates on the back with the included storage posts.

What are the Benefits of a Functional Trainer and Cable Machines?

Functional trainers and cable machines provide several advantages in strength training. Unlike barbells or dumbbells, which can vary in resistance throughout depending on the movement, cables offer consistent resistance throughout the entire movement. This constant tension throughout your full range of motion and isolation enhances muscle engagement within the muscle you are targeting.

Rogue functional trainers are also designed with a compact footprint, making them suitable for both home and busy training facilities where space efficiency is crucial. These machines support a variety of exercises, from basic movements like a tricep pushdown, to dynamic movements like a Pallof press, ensuring a well-rounded workout.

What are Common Functional Trainer and Cable Exercises?

Functional trainers and cable machines support a wide range of exercises that are especially useful in isolating muscle groups. Here are some common exercises:

Cable Rows: Ideal for building a strong back, cable rows engage the lats, traps, and rhomboids, improving posture and upper body strength.

Cable Flys: Perfect for targeting the chest, cable flys allow for a full range of motion to maximize pec development and bench pressing strength.

Lat Pulldowns: A classic movement for those looking to add width to your back or as an alternative to pull-ups.

Bicep Curls: Add a new stimulus to your bicep training with cable bicep curls. Provide constant tension maximizing muscle engagement and hypertrophy.

Tricep Extensions: A staple for arm training, isolate your triceps for improved muscle growth and pressing strength.