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Infinity Series Squat Stands

Infinity Series Squat Stands

Rogue’s Infinity Series Squat Stands reset the industry standard from the ground up, starting with 2x3” 11 gauge steel tubing and a fully redesigned 4' x 4' base with bolted triangle plates for max stability. These versatile squat racks also include Westside hole spacing (1” through bench and clean pull zone, 2” spacing above and below, J-cups with protective UHMW plastic liners, and two different pull-up bar options.*

Each squat stand in the Infinity Series (previously S-Series) is built right here in Columbus, Ohio, USA, and is fully compatible with the wider family of Rogue Infinity Series accessories. This means countless customization options, as well as effortless transitions from bench press to squats, floor press to overhead press, clean pulls to pull-ups. Simplicity is good.

The S-Series Squat Stands range in height from 70” to 110”. To see photos, product comparisons, recent customer reviews, or to make an order, click on any of the S-Series stands in the menu above. Or feel free to contact us with any questions.

* 2" or 1.25" diameter pull-up bars are available for the S-2 and S-3 stands. The S-1 and S-4 are not designed for pull-up bar use.