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The Rogue name has been synonymous with CrossFit for over 15 years, and because no one understands the requirements of CrossFit training like we do, we only sell CrossFit shoes that meet the high standards of the athletes we work with. The best CrossFit shoes on the market are specially engineered in the same way that a basketball shoe or a running shoe is; with features that can adapt to any WOD and serve a CrossFitter through every lift, sprint, climb, and sled-pull. The Ballistic Trainers and Rough Runners produced by GORUCK have stood out in recent years, earning the approval of Rogue Athletes. This is why we’ve made the Ballistic Trainer the Official CrossFit Shoe of the annual Rogue Invitational. Check out any of the GORUCK CrossFit shoes above to see full details on their design, functional fitness benefits, colorway options, and exclusive customer reviews.