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Monster Mass Storage Hangers

Single Hook Hanger
Jump Rope Hanger
Multi Use Hanger
Belt & Band Hanger
Storage Bin Hanger

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Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Made In USA Yes
Color Black
Other Product Specs UHMW plastic pegs and backers
Steel Notes 0.1875" Laser cut Steel
Monster Compatible Yes

Monster Mass Storage Hangers

Rogue’s exclusive new line of steel hanger attachments are all designed to mount to an existing Monster Mass Storage unit, with options for efficiently storing everything from jump ropes and collars to weight belts, bands, and chains. There are five variations of hanger to choose from, and each is finished in our medium gloss black powdercoat with laser-cut Rogue branding.

For mounting, all versions of our Mass Storage Hangers feature a machined plastic peg, which fits into the keyhole slots of a Monster Mass Storage upright without damaging its powdercoat finish. A set of UHMW plastic backers further ensure no metal-to-metal contact will occur.

Monster Mass Storage Hanger Options

The units below are compatible ONLY with the Monster Mass Storage System, except for the Single Hook Hanger, which can be mounted to any Monster rack or squat stand.

  • Single Hook Hanger: Small, general purpose single hook that can be placed on a keyhole upright of ANY Monster rack/stand. Single rung is 1.125” in width, 1.75” in depth.
  • Jump Rope Hanger: Designed with (12) small 9/16" rungs, spaced 9/16" apart, to allow jump ropes to be stored either by the handle or the cable. 5” in depth. Best used for: Jump Ropes
  • Multi Use Hanger: A general use hanger featuring (6) rungs, 1” in width, spaced 1.5” apart, and 5” in depth. Best used for: Collars, Belts, Bands, Chains, etc.
  • Belt & Band Hanger: Designed with (4) extra-wide 1.9" rungs, 5” in depth. Best used for: Belts and Bands
  • Storage Bin Hanger: A 5" deep x 13.5" wide bin that also features (7) hooks at the end for hanging accessories. Best used for: Collars, Grips, and other small accessories

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Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Made In USA Yes
Color Black
Other Product Specs UHMW plastic pegs and backers
Steel Notes 0.1875" Laser cut Steel
Monster Compatible Yes

Key Features of Rogue’s Monster Mass Storage Hangers

  • 1Versatile Add-Ons to An Existing Mass Storage Rack

    Owners of a Monster Mass Storage unit can add a new dynamic to the unit with any of these five styles of hanger attachment. The hangers mount easily to the rack’s uprights, using plastic keyhole pegs and UHMW plastic pegs and backers to prevent finish damage or metal-to-metal contact. The precision design of each hanger not only makes for efficient storage, but easier inventory checks at day’s end.

  • 2Quality Steel Construction

    All Monster Mass Storage Hangers are made in Columbus, Ohio, cut from quality, laser-cut steel and finished in a medium gloss black powdercoat. The depth from the mount on each hanger is 5” (except for the 1.75” depth of the Single Hook Hanger)

  • 3Fast Rogue Shipping

    Orders placed by 3PM ship the same day. The Rogue Shipping System allows you to track your order from the time you place it to the time it hits your door. Order today, track today.

What items qualify for the 5/$5 shipping deal?
$5Only qualifying items in stock in our HQ warehouse. Excludes Closeout items and items shipped direct from the manufacturer. Qualifying items will be marked with this 5/$5 icon. Rogue Supply items are also included in this deal, and can be added to your shared shopping cart.
Can you ship outside of the cont. 48?
This promotion is only for the contiguous US 48 only and does not apply to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or any other International location.
What If an Item's Status Changes After an Order has Been Placed?
If an item is marked in-stock and eligible for 5-for-$5 at the time of checkout, the deal still applies, assuming all other terms are met, even if the item becomes out-of-stock or on back order. However, we can only ship promotional orders as complete orders.
Are Closeout items excluded from this sale?
Yes. Closeout items are excluded from this sale and do not count toward the 5 items.
Do Rogue Supply items qualify for 5 for $5?
Yes. You can add items from both Rogue Fitness and Rogue Supply to your shopping cart to go towards your 5 or more items.
Why are certain vendors or items excluded?
The 5 for $5 deal applies to specific in-stock items in the Rogue warehouse, and not closeout items or products shipped from outside vendors / facilities. If a product doesn't include the 5-or-$5 symbol, it does not qualify for the deal.
Does 5 for $5 apply to Alaska or Hawaii?
Unfortunately 5 for $5 does not apply to Alaska or Hawaii.
Do gift certificates qualify as an item?
No. Gift certificates do not count toward the 5 items.
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