Rogue Fitness Patents

Rogue Fitness has received patents for many of our innovations. These patents protect Rogue’s inventions and the extensive resources that Rogue devotes to research, development, and design. In accordance with 35 USC 287(a), Rogue provides notice that the Rogue products listed below are protected by the associated patents identified below each product. The following list of Rogue products and patents is not all-inclusive. The Rogue products listed below and additional Rogue products may be protected by one or more additional patents and pending patents in the U.S. and other countries throughout the world.

Echo Bike®

U.S. Patent Nos. 10155132, 10946237, D858663, D861809, D858663, D861809, D870829, D856445, D878500, D890275, D890870, D941944, D943690, D942567, 11439866

Fold Back Rack Stringers

U.S. Patent No. 10226661, D879216, D886920, D883405, D879217, D931954, D942561, D949258, D949264, D952069, D949265, D963082, D963083

OSO® Barbell Collars

U.S. Patent Nos. 10226659, 10953263, 10512815, D919422

Strongman® Throw Bag

U.S. Patent Nos. 10149997, D871072, 10981030, D955751

Rhino Belt Squat®

U.S. Patent No. D854637, D896,326, 11058909, D942563

Jammer Pull-Up Bar

U.S. Patent No. D854635, D929512, 11123595

Echo GHD

U.S. Patent No. 9669255

Rogue Bar 2.0

U.S. Patent No. D843524

Wise Crack Abmat

U.S. Patent Nos. 10758773, D803958

MobilityWOD Gemini

U.S. Patent Nos. 9801781, 10327982, 10485729

Monster™ Single Post Storage

U.S. Patent Nos. 10926151, D845045, D907939, D874198, D845045

Rig Mount Parallel Bars

U.S. Patent Nos. D852289, D866689, D886214, D944340

Weight Releasers

U.S. Patent No. D855128

Regional Rig

U.S. Patent Nos. D852907, D883406

Mobility Hand

U.S. Patent No. 10898408

Barbells with Rogue Work Hardening™

U.S. Patent Nos. 10780309, 11358020

Monster™ Keyhole Gun Rack®

U.S. Patent Nos. D884095, D884096, D892238, D949266

Monster™ 3-Bar Keyhole Gun Rack®

U.S. Patent Nos. D911466, D949266

Echo Pulling Block

U.S. Patent Nos. D915531, D916213

Rogue USA Nylon Weightlifting Belt

U.S. Patent Nos. D868271, D957652

Monster™ Band Peg

U.S. Patent No. D893642

TB-1 Trap Bar 2.0

U.S. Patent No. D888166

TB-2 Trap Bar

U.S. Patent No. D888166

Feed Sack

U.S. Patent Nos. D864573, D939827

Monster™ Plate Storage Pin

U.S. Patent Nos. D884097, D956151

Monster™ J-Cup

U.S. Patent Nos. D890273, D931389, 11110316

Climbing Hold Cross Member

U.S. Patent No. D898844

50 CAL™ TROLLEY™ & Lever Arm

U.S. Patent Nos. D890271, D892239, 11173337, D954864, D954867

AH-1 Articulating Handle

U.S. Patent No. D898136

Monster™ Landmine 2.0

U.S. Patent Nos. D890274, D892240, D912743, D912744, D928256

Monster™ Attachment Post

U.S. Patent Nos. D891545, D949989, 11364407


U.S. Patent Nos. D893639, D919017, D928254, 11260261, D948641 

Mass Storage Corner Shelf

U.S. Patent Nos. D893223, D931027, D951686

USA Aluminum Collar

U.S. Patent Nos. D895745, D972056

Resin Plyo Box

U.S. Patent Nos. D890869, D944903

Dumbbell Bumper

U.S. Patent Nos. D913383, 11154744

Rack Mount 4-Bar Hanger

U.S. Patent No. D907724

Rack Mount Leg Roller

U.S. Patent No. D907726

Chain Hanger

U.S. Patent No. D908824

DT Tempering Roller

U.S. Patent Nos. D898931, D941482

Hip Thruster Bench

U.S. Patent Nos. D908823, D941941

Matador Hanger

U.S. Patent No. D915533

Anvil Grip

U.S. Patent No. D912741

Monster lite rack wall mount

U.S. Patent No. D931955

26'er™ Wagon Wheel Pair

U.S. Patent No. D930764

12-Sided Urethane Grip Plate

U.S. Patent Nos. 11097147, D919020, D933761

Car Pusher

U.S. Patent No. D931956

Wingspan Rig

U.S. Patent No. D928253

Mobility Stick Cradle

U.S. Patent No. 11090218

Cast Weight Vest Plates

U.S. Patent Nos. D925668, D925667, D944343, D961021

Power Rack Name Plate

U.S. Patent No. D915534

Cyclone Strongman Sandbag

U.S. Patent No. D944001

Loadable Dumbbell Bumpers

U.S. Patent No. 11154744

Fold Up Utility Bench

U.S. Patent No. D942566

Husafell Strongman Bag

U.S. Patent No. D937370

Rogue Plate Carrier

U.S. Patent Nos. D940798, D954862

Deep Dish Plates

U.S. Patent Nos. D937944, D961020

HD Bar Jack

U.S. Patent No. D945541

Adjustable Pull-up Bar

U.S. Patent No. D945540

The Ballista™

U.S. Patent No. D942147

Sandbag 2.0

U.S. Patent No. D954162

Monster Rack Storage Panel

U.S. Patent No. D955510

Monster Lite Monkey Rig 2.0

U.S. Patent No. D955512


U.S. Patent No. D956890

Multi Belt

U.S. Patent No. D957653

Monster Rack Lat Pull Down Seat + Low Row Kit

U.S. Patent No. D956893

Cast Dumbbells

U.S. Patent No. D963078

Seal Row Bar

U.S. Patent No. D954161

Slim Rack Bracket Mount

U.S. Patent No. D955509

Toomey USA Nylon Lifting Belt


USA Aluminum Collar – Magnetic

U.S. Patent No. D971720

Bumper Ab Roller

U.S. Patent No. D970655

Horizontal Plate Rack 3.0

U.S. Patent No. D973793

Ghost Combo Rack HD

U.S. Patent No. 11497956

Ohio Bar 2.0S

U.S. Patent No. 11497955