Rogue Record Breakers

Launched in 2015, Rogue Record Breakers is a unique strength challenge to showcase amazing accomplishments of modern strength across all disciplines. They represent competition on a whole other level, as some of the world’s greatest strength athletes pursue history. Athletes that set a new Rogue Record are rewarded with cash prizes as well as having their name etched into strength history.

Past events have included some now iconic feats, including Hafthor Bjornsson’s 474 KG Elephant Bar deadlift, Martins Licis' 565lb Milo Rockover Squat, Tom Stoltman'S 602 LB Manhood Stone lift, Kristin Rhodes' Max Overhead Monsterbell Lift of 175lbs and Carolyne Prevost 67 deadlift reps in 2 minutes.

The Rogue Record Breaker competition has provided many of the recent “can't miss” moments at the annual Arnold Sports Classic, Rogue Invitational and more.