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Margaux Alvarez

With six CrossFit Games appearances already under her belt as an individual competitor, Margaux Alvarez shifted her focus to the Team Competition in 2019, joining Invictus X and qualifying via the Granite Games. At 34, she has become one of the true ambassadors of the sport and a source of inspiration to countless athletes, both through her own performances and her passionate efforts as a coach, affiliate owner, and mentor.

Margaux spent much of her childhood in Montana, where she gained her love for almost any kind of athletic endeavor—from swimming and volleyball to ballet, horseback riding, and Taekwondo. She was turned on to CrossFit while working as a trainer in the Bay Area in 2011 and took to it immediately. Since then, Alvarez spent years on the CFHQ Seminar Staff, and in 2018, made headlines by winning the CrossFit South Regional at age 33. From her current home base in Las Vegas, she’s also found a successful second career as a winemaker.