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The Saga Of Grettir The Strong – FULLSTERKUR

In this clip from the new documentary feature film FULLSTERKUR, about the tradition of heavy stone lifting in Iceland, we see how the folklore and legends from the country’s Viking past still resonate for people today. Rather than slaying dragons or sea monsters, the relatable stone-lifting hero Grettir the Strong was an outlaw, often battling his own inner demons above all else. Many of the famed stones in Iceland are named in honor of the Grettir Saga and the perseverance the character’s story represents.

Releasing live on Facebook, Sunday, August 26 at 8PM EST, FULLSTERKUR is the third documentary in a collection of films produced by Rogue Fitness, exploring strength culture around the world, connected specifically by the ancient tradition of stone lifting.

The film features some of the modern stars of Iceland strength, including Magnus Ver Magnuson, Hafthor Bjornsson, and Annie Thorisdottir. But it also sheds light on strength culture’s early roots in the region, from the traditions of the Vikings and Sagas to the lives of farmers and fishermen.

Watch the trailer here.