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The Tombstone – FULLSTERKUR

Weighing in at 220kg, the “Leggstein” or “Tombstone,” is located in the northwestern corner of Iceland, and is said to mark the spot where an unfortunate farmer made a pact with the devil. As the story goes, the lazy farmer wanted a fast track to and easier, more prosperous life, so the devil offered him his dream if he could complete one task: lifting the leggstein stone.

Releasing live on Facebook, Sunday, August 26 at 8PM EST, FULLSTERKUR is the third documentary in a collection of films produced by Rogue Fitness, exploring strength culture around the world, connected specifically by the ancient tradition of stone lifting.

The film features some of the modern stars of Iceland strength, including Magnus Ver Magnuson, Hafthor Bjornsson, and Annie Thorisdottir. But it also sheds light on strength culture’s early roots in the region, from the traditions of the Vikings and Sagas to the lives of farmers and fishermen.