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TRAILER: The Rogue Legends Series – Chapter 4: Sandwina / 8K

Exclusive trailer for the documentary film Sandwina, the 4th Chapter of the Rogue Legends Series.
As the daughter of Austrian circus performers, Katie Sandwina (born Catherine Brumbach in 1884) was raised in a world uniquely encouraging of female athleticism and physicality. At a young age, she could routinely defeat her male counterparts in various strength challenges, and by the 1910s, she was arguably America’s first true celebrity strongwoman, known as “Lady Hercules” and “The Great Sandwina.”
Across a 50-year career under the Big Top, Sandwina’s combination of grace and power (she could famously lift her own husband over her head with one arm) amazed audiences, opened minds, and helped set the stage for the redefinition of female strength—and strength in general—in the 20th century.