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Bill Henniger Talks Rogue Bumper Plates

Rogue Fitness owner, Bill Henniger, gives a rundown on Rogue’s bumper Plates.

These Bumpers have the same heavy duty steel inserts and characteristics that have made the HITEMP Bumpers the best bumpers available!
MADE in the U.S.A.

The ultimate heavy duty bumper plates. Only from ROGUE.
These plates feature a flawless surface with custom print! We guarantee that these plates are within 10 grams of claimed weight. If a plate does not conform, it does not ship. The collar opening allows for a snug fit on the bar eliminating the loose fit bumpers can have. The hardness of the material is ideal to the olympic weightlifters preference. When dropped these plates dead blow with little bounce.

This is the latest version of the HG plates
Made in China

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