Garage Gym Tour With Justin Medeiros

In this edition of our Rogue Athlete Gym Tour Series, reigning “Fittest Man on Earth” and 2021 Rogue Invitational champion Justin Medeiros gives us a look at his newly completed, Rogue-equipped garage gym in Boise, Idaho. Justin’s indoor/outdoor set-up is loaded for bear, as he selected a lot of his equipment based on the gear he’s seen the most across the past two years of major competitions, including the Rogue Monster Rig (customized with his own name), the Abram GHD, a 5-125LB Rogue Dumbbell Set, Strongman Sandbags, and both the Rogue Echo Bike and the AssaultBike (“They both show up in competitions and are really different machines,” Justin says). The classic Rogue Bar is his barbell of choice (“for pretty much everything I do”) and the Monster Lat Pulldown might be his favorite new addition. “It was so awesome when it showed up on the truck. I’m like, dude, I have a freakin’ Lat Pulldown machine in my garage!”