Introducing The Ghost Strong Return Roller J Cup 2.0

Introducing the Ghost Strong Return Roller J-Cup 2.0, manufactured by Rogue. With this product, we’ve carried over the innovative features of Tim Grissel’s original Ghost Strong design, including the patented conical roller and multi-radius concave receiver, which ensure that each barbell returns to the front of the J-cup in an optimal position for the next lift. The only changes involve practical production upgrades made possible by the manufacturing resources available here at Rogue HQ.

The Return Roller J-Cup 2.0 can comfortably accommodate barbell shafts ranging from 1” (25 MM) to 2” (50 MM) in diameter. The compact design makes it less likely that an athlete will make accidental contact with the J-cups when benching or squatting, and the roller feature enables much safer and easier centering of the barbell prior to lift off. Rogue maintained Version 1.0’s extra-tall backplate (complete with Ghost Strong branding), as well as Ghost’s strict tolerances for a tighter fit on a 3×3” upright.

Upgrades with Rogue’s premium model include:
Fully Welded Pin (rather than threaded)
Stainless Steel (rather than zinc-plating)
Complete Channel made from single piece of 3/8” formed steel
Extra Piece of Protective UHMW on front lip

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