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Introducing The Rogue Hybrid Power Bar

The Rogue Hybrid Power Bar represents another step forward in precision machining, combining tighter tolerances with recent innovations from our popular AGGRO Power Bar to create a superior lifting experience.

Starting with the traditional “core four” attributes of a standard power bar– aggressive knurl, center knurl, reduced whip, and controlled spin–we went to work exploring ways to better optimize each of these features to the demands of today’s serious powerlifter. This included absorbing a decade’s worth of feedback from customers, athletes, and gym owners, and calibrating it with our own wealth of experience outfitting gyms and competitions at the highest levels of the iron game. Additionally we have commissioned extensive research into ways to improve every aspect of barbell design and manufacturing.

With this in mind, some aspects of the Hybrid Power Bar–including the 2XAGGRO Knurl–tested too well to make any changes. For other areas, we refined our processes to establish a new blueprint for a truly optimized Powerlifting barbell that’s also uniquely versatile compared to its competitors. Some of these specific features are detailed below:

Built with uncoated stainless steel and our ultra-aggressive 2XAGGRO knurl, the grip is perfect for powerlifting; feeling exactly the same as when it comes out of the lathe and exactly as we intended. Uncoated bars result in a grip that is very firm and less reliant on chalk, but not overly sharp or uncomfortable on the hands/back/neck. To make the sleeves as maintenance-free as the shafts, we chose our Proprietary Matte Black finish, which converts the surface of the steel and will stay black much longer than other black finishes.