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Kelly Starrett talks the new M|Wod Mobility Stick

Look we hear you. Lugging a barbell around in your backpack to mobilize your janky tissues just isn’t practical. Moreover, we know that explaining away that barbell in your living room during parties gets old. Yet, some times nothing else gets to the source of your tacked down sliding surfaces like a good ol’ chunk of beautifully handcrafted barbell. That’s why we’ve created the M|Wod stick. First of all, it’s gorgeous. Second of all, you know it works. And nothing screams responsible, mobile, dedicated and legit athlete like a piece of hand crafted metal alloy in the middle of your quads (in the middle of your living room). We know the TSA is gonna hate it. But they don’t squat anyways. The M|Wod stick is the next level, hand held, one way ticket to PR-town.