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Introducing The Rogue CB-4 38MM Camber Bar

The Rogue CB-4™ 38MM Camber Bar was developed in collaboration with Westside Barbell, and made its public debut as the “Double T” Bar at the 2022 Arnold Strongman Classic (nick-named in honor of the late Dr. Terry Todd). The goal with this design was to build a curved / bowed specialty bar suited not only to the world’s top powerlifters and Strongmen, but athletes of every size and ability level. To get there, we started with a series of different prototypes–of varying diameter, bend angle, and knurl pattern–and sent them all over to the least compromising focus group in the iron game: the athletes at the Westside Barbell Gym. Through their repeated testing and direct feedback, we were then able to determine which specs best delivered all of the key benefits we were looking for.