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Rogue Equipped Home Gym Tour – Scott In San Diego, CA

The Rogue Gym Tour series heads to San Diego to see how local powerlifting coach Scott Watkins has built out his own ultimate garage gym.

Over the years, we’ve visited the training HQs of Olympians, Strongman legends, and CrossFit champions, but some of the best home gyms on Earth are put together by our everyday Rogue customers, who often combine big ambition with clever uses of space and storage. That’s why we’re putting the spotlight on athletes like Scott and giving them a chance to share their own unique garage gym ideas and insights. From preferences on squat racks, barbells, and plates to their favorite accessories, attachments, and adaptations, every gym owner’s story can help inspire another’s journey.

In Scott’s case, his first big Rogue purchase was the wall-mounted Fold Back Rack, which opens up loads of extra room in his garage for other gear. What he really likes about it, though, “is its durability; how strong it is.”

Scott estimates that he uses his Calibrated LB Steel Plates more than any other equipment, while his current “favorite” products are his Monolift attachments.

For more garage gym inspiration, you can find out more about Scott’s selected Rogue gear below, or check out our gallery of Rogue-equipped home gyms here.