2019 Rogue Invitational – Women’s Events 6, 7 & 8 | Recap

Complete highlights from Women’s events 6, 7 and 8 at the Rogue Invitational, a CrossFit sanctioned event held May 18-19, 2019, in Columbus, Ohio. Tune in May 15-17, 2020, for the full Rogue live stream of this year’s event and stay tuned for the full event recap happening on CBS in July.

This segment includes coverage of Women’s Individual events #6, 7 and 8: The Cyclone, Snatch & Press, and Squat Clean Ladder. While big name challengers like Sara Sigmundsdottir try to gain ground on Tia-Clair Toomey, it’s also a showcase for athletes still hoping to punch their ticket to the CrossFit Games, including Rachel Garibay and Lauren Suever.

30 calories on the Rogue Echo Bike
200 meter Shuttle Run with a Rogue Cyclone Strongman Sandbag (100 LBS)
30 cal. on Echo Bike

Snatch & Press:
3 rounds of 20 Dumbbell Presses (70 LBS) and 9 Strict Parallette Handstand Push-Ups (2”)

Squat Clean Ladder = Escalating weight loads across five rounds:
10 squat clean, 125 LBS
8 squat cleans, 145 LBS
6 squat cleans, 165 LBS
4 squat cleans, 185 LBS
2 squat cleans, 205 LBS