Day 2 Highlights | 2021 Rogue Invitational

A compilation of highlights from Day 2 (October 30) at the 2021 Rogue Invitational in Round Rock, Texas. Starting with an epic battle between Martins Licis and Tom Stoltman on the infamous Wheel of Pain, the day also included three CrossFit events: the Echo Burner, Concept2, and the Mule. On the men’s side, Patrick Vellner and Justin Medeiros continued to jockey for position, while Tia Toomey found herself in a true back-and-forth battle (at long lost) with the remarkable Annie Thorisdottir. Day 2 concluded with the final event of the Strongman competition, as Licis and Stoltman took on Rogue’s replica Inver Stones with the title on the line. Check out more highlights from the 2021 Rogue Invitational, along with workout details, leaderboards, and competitor info at