Road To The Arnold – 2023 | Hannah Linzay

After a third place finish at the 2022 Arnold Pro Strongwoman, Hannah Linzay is heading into this year’s first official Arnold Strongwoman Classic with a new level of confidence. A steel worker by day, Hannah’s never been fazed much by a brutal training regimen, and she’s been doggedly moving up the Strongwoman ranks since picking up the sport just five years ago. “I like to be the dark horse,” she says. “I don’t think anyone outworks me. I never wanna leave anything to chance. My discipline . . . my determination. I like to win.”

The Arnold Strongwoman Classic and the Arnold Strongman Classic will both be taking place this March 3-4 as part of the 2023 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. Follow Rogue for regular updates on live streams, leaderboards and more.