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Introducing The Rogue Velocidor

The Rogue Velocidor

The Rogue Velocidor is the next evolution of our popular Matador dip handle attachment. Available in both a Monster Series and Monster Lite compatible format, this rack-mounted design introduces removable handles that enable the user to select both the width and angle at which they perform their dips.

3 Handle Spacing Options:
• Narrow: 13.5”
• Standard: 17.25”
• Wide: 21”

4 Handle Angle Positions:
• Standard: 14 degrees (parallel to floor)
• Straight: 0 degrees (parallel to each other and the floor)
• Downward: Downward and outward angles of 7 degrees
• Upward: Upward and outward angles of 7 degrees

In total, these new customization features create 12 different potential configurations of the Velocidor (far more if you include mounting height), with each offering its own benefits. Dips on parallel handles, for example, mimic a traditional gymnastics grip, while the downward set-up shifts the torso into more of a horizontal angle, placing greater emphasis on the pectoral muscles, particularly with a wider grip.
Using the included Monster Knurled Knob, handle adjustments can be made quickly and easily from one athlete to the next. The 1.9” diameter handles offer 16” of usable length, and are available in two finish options: Textured Black Smooth (same as the Matador) or Texture Black Knurled. The upgraded Knurled option includes convenient knurl marks approximately every 4” along each handle to help the user find and repeat a comfortable starting position from workout to workout.
The Rogue Velocidor is manufactured in the USA and equipped with UHMW channels and new stainless steel frame guards to protect the finish on both the rack and the Velocidor itself. Injection molded endcaps are incorporated into the handles and on the outside of the 3×3” tube of the main frame, and a plastic lining on the underside of the frame allows users to flip a mounted Velocidor into a vertical, storage position (using the same detent pin) without the risk of metal-to-metal contact.