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2021 Matte Black Friday Update

Due to supply chain and cost issues we are tapering back our normal Matte Black Friday event.

At this point the cost of goods has hit everything from a gallon of milk to the price of steel.


  1. Steel costs now vs January of 2019 are over 300% higher. All the items in the box have seen substantial increases: cardboard, stickers, plastic and other raw material
  2. Freight System: The current freight network cannot move large peaks of demand


In 2020 we purchased a substantial amount of laser cutting, robotic welding and CNC equipment. We have hired over 800 team members and continue to work on getting the business normalized. Within the next year we hope to break ground on a new 650,000 SQ/FT facility in the Columbus area. This will be in addition to our current campus.

Now like most other businesses we are pushing hard to get our cost of goods back to normal. We strongly suggest ordering early as the supply chain is going to be very congested this year.

This is what we are going to do:


  1. HUNDO: We are putting items where we have stock onto our HUNDO pricing page.
  2. 75 MAX: Qualifying Monster Lite and Monster racks will ship with a MAX of $75 for the order.
  3. HOT DEALS: We will have items hit hot deals over the next couple of months. There will not be the substantial Rogue manufactured list of items. Many brands we carry will hold deals over the next couple of months. Those items will hit the HOT DEALS page like in past years


In order to do this we are shoring up our manufacturing and distribution teams:


  1. Hiring 200 additional team members to work from laser cutting to outbound shipping
  2. Setup to run 24/7 in departments we need to run
  3. Maintaining our average wage level of $25/Hour


Our goal is and always will be to exceed your expectations. Shipping amazing equipment as close to the time of order and delivering over engineered products.

We will work until it is done.