R You Rogue — Joe Kovacs — Rogue Fitness / 8k

Joe Kovacs is the first shot putter in the Rogue athlete family, and for good reason, as the 32 year-old is widely recognized as one of the most accomplished and popular figures in his sport. A 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist, two-time USATF Outdoor Champion (2014 and 2015), and two-time Gold Medalist at the IAAF World Championships (2015 and 2019), Joe is finally returning to the big stage in 2021 after the postponement of the Games last summer.

Guided by his wife and coach, Ashley, Joe has overcome setbacks and continued to improve both technically and mentally, appreciating every opportunity that comes his way as a competitor. “When you’re putting on a jersey that says USA, there’s a feeling that you get of responsibility and pride,” Kovacs says, “especially as a United States shot putter. The U.S. has the best legacy in shot putting history. So making a team for the U.S. means a lot, and making sure you come home with a medal means even more.

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