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Welcome To The Rogue Team Mitchell Hooper!

Still only two years removed from his debut in the sport, 27 year-old Mitchell Hooper has already become Strongman’s most talked about new star—a confident and calculating Canadian with remarkable versatility and an undeniable nose for the podium.

Also known as “The Moose,” Hooper surprised many by reaching the final of the World’s Strongest Man competition as a rookie in 2022, ultimately finishing 8th overall. At the Rogue Invitational in Texas later that fall, he stole the spotlight again, winning a pair of events (Sandbag Carry and Yoke Carry / Log Lift Medley) en route to a 3rd place finish, with a new World Record in the Dinnie Stone Hold tacked on for good measure. That showing, combined with a 1st place effort at the UK Arnold and several other podium finishes in international competition, rapidly propelled Hooper from dark horse status to “next big thing.”

It was at the 2023 Arnold Strongman Classic, however, where the Moose officially “arrived.” Having earned a reputation for his uniquely scientific assessment of each event—and his fellow competitors—Hooper strolled into Columbus and calmly put on a master class in consistency. Despite never winning an event across the two day competition, he bested the 10-man field by finishing at least third in EVERY event, giving him enough points to beat Mateusz Kieliszkowski (41.5 to 37.5) for the title. When interviewed after the win, beer in hand, Mitchell famously deadpanned, “Nothing that happened surprised me.”

An accomplished all-around athlete, the Ontario-based Hooper has previously found success in everything from marathon running to bodybuilding, football, golf, and swimming. He enjoys helping other athletes as a strength coach and exercise physiologist, and above all else, he loves to train for whatever challenge comes next.

“If I wasn’t paid to do this and if I didn’t have any accolades, I would still be in the same gym doing the same thing,” he told us. “I love to do this.”