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Rogue | BTWB Stimulus Package

We have been working to provide stimulus packages within our company, local community and are proud to announce the latest that will help gym owners.  

Rogue is sponsoring $150,000 to BTWB to allow gym owners to have virtual coaching tools.  BTWB created a way for this to be unlimited during this time period, matching our sponsorship.

This means that any gym owners new to BTWB can get two months of BTWB for Gym owners free. Existing BTWB gym owners can get one month free.

The Iron Game:  CrossFit affiliates, Powerlifting, Strongman/Strongwoman, Olympic Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Bootcamps – If you move weight and make people fit, this is for you.  All one family.

Our goal is to help gym owners deliver programming, workout brief videos, virtual class schedules, zoom links and more to their members’ phones daily through BTWB’s mobile app.


  1. Current subscribing gyms have received a one month credit to their account. You don’t have to take any action, your next payment will be skipped.
  2. Newly subscribing gyms will receive our normal free 30-day trial plus an additional month, for a total of (2) months at no charge.

Date to Begin:  Sign ups open Tuesday 24Mar2020 through 7April2020

*This is only a sum – for more details:


– The Rogue Team