Ironclad: Paul Anderson’s 1953 Hipflift – Iron Game History – January, 2000

Many years ago I began to research the life and lifts of Paul Anderson and like many, if not most, of his fans I simply assumed that what had been presented as fact was fact, whether it had come from him directly or from others. Indeed, most—if not all—of what is asserted about his publicly performed lifts can be proven. Official judges were present, audiences carefully watched as he lifted weights that had been weighed on certified scales, and data from these events prove that Paul Anderson, in his time, and in terms of overall strength, earned the right to be called the strongest man in the world. And in terms of pure hip/leg strength, his equal, particularly in the heavy squat without substantial supporting gear, may not yet have come along. Terry Todd, in fact, has stated that Paul should be considered history’s greatest performer in the squat.