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Our Memories of John Grimek – Iron Game History – April, 1999

One time long ago—long before we had ever seen John Grimek in person—our friend, Bruce Conner, was discussing with Les and I the “aura” that seemed to flow from some people. Bruce thought this came especially from some of the people whose photos he studied in his strength magazines, which featured photos of the well developed, beautiful bodies possessed by the men who were gracing the pages. I was new to this idea, but often thought about it and wondered about it. Then one night in the old upstairs Vic Tanny gym on 2nd Street in Santa Monica, I began to really understand what Bruce felt. There in front of us was our most favorite body- builder. He had come to California from York, Pennsylvania and to us it was a dream come true to see the great John Grimek standing under the lights on a wooden platform. We were all completely enthralled. Of course we had seen muscle poses displayed by other men who occasionally put on exhibitions but nothing like this wonderful, graceful, beautiful man.