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The President’s Message – Iron Game History – February, 1990

On Saturday, October 7, 1989, the Association’s seventh annual reunion and achievement awards dinner washeld at New York City’s prestigious Downtown Athletic Club, home of the Heisman Trophy. Honored were Dr. Pete George, Marvin Eder, Ed Jubinville and Jules Bacon, who, through their ourstanding accomplishments and contributions, have earned a spot in the history of the iron game. It was a night to remember, as 150 notables and enthusiasts gathered with respect to hear the beautiful tributes to the honored recipients. Rudy Sablo, coach and international weightlifting official, presented the award to Dr. George, one of the greatest weightlifters in history, a man who was a silver medalist at the Olympic Games in 1948 and 1956 and a gold medalist in 1952.