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The Science of Reps: The Strength Training Contributions of Dr. Richard A. Berger – Iron Game History – March, 2013

One set of ten or ten sets of one? Five sets of four or four sets of five? One hundred percent of lRM or ninety percent? Or fifty percent? Dynamic or isometric? Slow or fast? Free weights or machines? One day per week or five times per day? Before practice or after practice? Out of season only or out of season and in season, too? Full moon or quarter? Boxers or briefs? These and related questions have been asked for as long as we have had written records, and they will no doubt persist as long as there are human beings to debate them. Training theories are a bit like certain body parts-everybody seems to have one. Some theories are preposterous, of course, some are commercially driven, and some are accepted simply-and simplistically-because the person recommending them is: 1) heavily muscled, 2) a good athlete, or 3) speaking with an Eastern European accent.