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Barbell Care & Maintenance

We are very excited that you are the owner of a Rogue Barbell. This bar will require some maintenance.

We recommend the following maintenance to keep the barbell steel healthy—frequency will vary based on climate:

1) Use a plastic bristle brush and a mild detergent to clean the knurl. This is just like cleaning the leaves out of your gutter, if you leave them in there, bad things happen.

2) Wipe down with 3:1 oil and brush into the knurl with a plastic bristle brush. The steel will soak the oil in and the bar will stay healthy.

3) Wipe off any excess oil with a dry towel.

The advantages of Black Oxide:

1) Black Oxide gives a barbell the best feel on the knurl because it is not a plating.

2) Black Oxide is a mild protectant against oxidization.

What to expect over time:

1) The barbell will most likely get a patina over time.

2) The bar will last a lifetime.

Cleaning Bare Steel Bars

Cleaning Aluminum Bars

Cleaning Zinc Coated Bars

Rogue offers our very own Barbell Cleaning Kit, suitable for all of the finishes we offer.

Please email with any questions or concerns