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Warrick Brant

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Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia

Profession: Gym Owner, Athletic Kingdom

Family: Wife, Bethaney, and daughter Indiana Jayne, two months old

After finishing high school, Warrick played rugby professionally for two years for Australia, and also in the English premiership. In 2000 his rugby career ended when he broke his neck during a game which led to multiple surgeries. He now has eight screws and three plates permanently installed to hold his neck together, but this has not held him back as an athlete. As he began to recover, Warrick discovered barbells and trained for both bodybuilding and powerlifting before deciding to focus exclusively on Strongman. Said Warrick, “I started my career with Dione Wessels and the ASC, competing in the 2007 IFSA World Open. I then competed in both the 2008 and 2009 America’s Strongest Man Competitions. You could say the USA gave me my start in my Strongman career.” Warrick admits that, “At only 5'10", I have many challenges when it comes to events like the stones or loading races onto high platforms.” However, he continued, “I just work on trying to push my own limits and hope others who see me will realize that you don’t have to be a modern day giant to be a good strongman. It’s also about heart and the will to achieve.”


Age: 38

Height: 179cm/5'10"

Weight:331lbs/150 kg


Chest: 57 inches

Biceps: 22 inches

Quads: 32 inches

Waist: 42 inches



Contest History & Records:

Eighth Place, TWI World Strongest Man, 2014

Second Place, Giants Live Melbourne, 2014

First Place, 2014 Southern Hemispheres Strongest Man

Fourth, Giants Live Melbourne, 2013

First Place, Strongfit World Championships, 2013

Competitor, World Strongest Man, 2013

First Place, Australian Hercules, 2013

First, Australian Powerlifting Championships, 2005