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Elevate your gym space with Rogue Fitness's range of barbell storage racks, stands, and hangers. Keeping your workout area clean, organized, and safe is essential for maximizing your training sessions. Properly storing your barbells is a big part of that. Explore our variety of storage solutions designed to meet the needs of any space, from training facilities to home gyms.

Types of Barbell Storage

Barbell Racks: Ideal for gyms with plenty of wall space, Rogue's Gun Rack style barbell racks are designed to secure your barbells horizontally while optimizing space efficiency. From wall mounted to rack mounted options, we have plenty of options to choose from to maximize your space.

Barbell Holders: Maximize floor space with our barbell holders, the perfect solution for compact gym setups. Our 9 Bar and 10 Bar Holders feature a sturdy design that protects the knurling of your barbells by storing them vertically. 

Barbell Hangers: Optimize vertical space with Rogue's barbell hangers, available in wall-mounted and rack-compatible configurations here. Crafted with Rogue's signature durability, our hangers provide a secure storage solution for your barbells while minimizing clutter.

Regardless if you have 20KG, 15KG, or specialty bars, we have a storage option for you. If you’re needing storage for more than just barbells, check out our full lineup of storage solutions here.

Benefits of Barbell Racks, Holders, and Hangers

Organization: Say goodbye to cluttered gym spaces with our barbell storage solutions. Keep your barbells neatly organized and easily accessible, creating a more efficient workout environment.

Space Efficiency: Maximize floor and wall space with our compact storage options. Whether you're setting up a home gym or outfitting a commercial facility, our barbell racks, holders, and hangers help you make the most of your available space.

Safety: Prioritize safety in your gym with our secure storage solutions. By keeping your barbells stored in designated racks, holders, or hangers, you minimize the risk of accidents and injuries, ensuring a safe training environment for all users.

Transform your gym space with Rogue's premium barbell storage solutions, designed to enhance organization, efficiency, and safety in every workout session.