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Rogue Vertical Work Station


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Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Made In USA Yes
Color Black
Product Weight 165LB
Length 34" (tabletop)
Width 29" (tabletop)
Height 96.5"
Other Product Specs Optional Monitor and CPU mounting brackets
Steel Notes 4 x 4" 11-gauge steel upright, 3/16" thick steel table top and shelf
Foot Print 10" x 10"

Rogue Vertical Work Station

Rogue’s Vertical Work Station is a space-efficient, modular stand-up desk—well suited to a gym’s office, lobby, or the training space itself.

Originally developed in-house for employees at our new distribution center in Columbus, the Vertical Work Station’s single 8-foot upright is constructed from 4x4” 11-gauge steel and occupies just a 10”x10” footprint when anchored to the floor. From there, users can mount the included shelving unit (sized for a printer) and the main platform desktop—each of which are made from 3/16” thick laser-cut steel.

With functionality as a sign-in station for athletes, a work station for gym employees, or a monitoring platform for trainers, this desk easily adapts to the needs of any user—with adjustability to a standing or sitting height position. Customers can also set up the Work Station with a wall-mounted TV monitor, saving even more space and providing an easy way to post workouts for maximum visibility.

Additional Specifications:

  • Made in the USA
  • Height: 96.5"
  • Weight: 165 lbs
  • Footprint (on floor): 10" x 10"
  • Steel Notes: 4x4” 11 gauge steel upright, 3/16" thick steel table top and shelf
  • Desktop: 34" L x 29" W (Adjustable 40” to 48” above floor)
  • Printer Shelf: 16.5" L x 15.5" W (Adjustable by 6” increments; can be turned 90 degrees)
  • Optional Monitor and CPU mounting brackets available (Adjustable by 6” increments)
  • MG Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Holes in Upright for running wires/cables
  • Important: Unit Must be Securely Fastened to Floor (Concrete Anchors are provided)
  • All Necessary Hardware is included (including mounting hardware)

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Made In USA Yes
Color Black
Product Weight 165LB
Length 34" (tabletop)
Width 29" (tabletop)
Height 96.5"
Other Product Specs Optional Monitor and CPU mounting brackets
Steel Notes 4 x 4" 11-gauge steel upright, 3/16" thick steel table top and shelf
Foot Print 10" x 10"

Key Features of the Rogue Vertical Work Station:

  • 1 Adjustable Sit / Stand Work Platform

    Built for demanding environments, the Vertical Work Station uses modular components that allow for optimal flexibility. Workers can customize the desktop and other attachments to their preferred height, with the option of working in either the sitting or standing position.

  • 2Space Efficiency

    Built on a centralized upright rather than a traditional four-leg design, the Rogue Vertical Work Station is uniquely compact and space-efficient. The anchored upright itself creates just a 10”x10” footprint on the floor, while the fully equipped work station (with shelving, desktop, and other mounting brackets) takes up less than 3’ x 3’ of space. The unit offers enough room for not only a computer/keyboard/mouse, but a printer, mounted monitor, and CPU—and the design of the upright includes convenient access holes through which you can run all wiring, eliminating a common workplace eyesore. As an additional space-saving option, you can place two Vertical Work Stations back-to-back, as the edges of the desktops are designed to sit flush to one another.

  • 3Quality Construction

    Manufactured in Columbus, OH, USA, the Rogue Vertical Work Station includes a 4x4” 11-gauge steel upright, 3/16” laser-cut steel shelf and tabletop, a 1/2” thick steel footplate, and four 1/2" x 4" concrete anchors to secure the upright to the floor. Both the desktop and printer shelf are connected to the unit using triangular brackets, and all required hardware is provided, along with step-by-step set-up instructions. All Work Stations will be finished in our MG Black Powder Coat.

  • 4 Trusted In Our Own Facilities

    The Vertical Work Station is one of many designs Rogue first developed for use inside our own facilities, and as such, it’s a system that’s been put to the test and given the stamp of approval by our athletes and employees across day-to-day use. We recommend this set-up not only for an office / warehouse / shop environment, but as a compact, industrial option for gym workers, trainers, and athletes, as well.

  • 5Optional Attachments for Monitor, CPU

    Along with the desktop and printer shelf components (included standard), customers will have the option to order additional mounting brackets for their Work Station. One is designed for a PC Monitor and the other for a CPU (see the options in the dropdown order menu). The bracket we built for the Monitor Mounting Arm has holes that are .218" in diameter and spaced 4.8" on center (should users decide to use a different style monitor mount). The CPU mount features slotted holes for compatibility with different sized CPUs. Both of these mounts can be configured anywhere on the upright with adjustments by 6” increments.

  • 6Fast Rogue Shipping

    The Vertical Work Station ships disassembled via freight from our Columbus warehouse, with little to no lead time (total weight: approx. 165 LBS). The Rogue Shipping System allows you to track your order from the time you place it to the time it hits your door. Order today, track today.

What items qualify for the 5/$5 shipping deal?
$5Only qualifying items in stock in our HQ warehouse. Excludes Closeout items and items shipped direct from the manufacturer. Qualifying items will be marked with this 5/$5 icon. Rogue Supply items are also included in this deal, and can be added to your shared shopping cart.
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This promotion is only for the contiguous US 48 only and does not apply to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or any other International location.
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If an item is marked in-stock and eligible for 5-for-$5 at the time of checkout, the deal still applies, assuming all other terms are met, even if the item becomes out-of-stock or on back order. However, we can only ship promotional orders as complete orders.
Are Closeout items excluded from this sale?
Yes. Closeout items are excluded from this sale and do not count toward the 5 items.
Do Rogue Supply items qualify for 5 for $5?
Yes. You can add items from both Rogue Fitness and Rogue Supply to your shopping cart to go towards your 5 or more items.
Why are certain vendors or items excluded?
The 5 for $5 deal applies to specific in-stock items in the Rogue warehouse, and not closeout items or products shipped from outside vendors / facilities. If a product doesn't include the 5-or-$5 symbol, it does not qualify for the deal.
Does 5 for $5 apply to Alaska or Hawaii?
Unfortunately 5 for $5 does not apply to Alaska or Hawaii.
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No. Gift certificates do not count toward the 5 items.
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