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Brian Chontosh

Some athletes compete for titles, others compete as a matter of principle. As a retired U.S. Marine Corps officer of 20 years and Navy Cross recipient, Brian “Tosh” Chontosh (aka “The Big Fish”) doesn’t need to prove his mettle to anyone . . . except for himself.

“There has to be some element of risk, some element of failure, for there to be reward,” Chontosh says. “I want to evaluate my resolve. I want to do something that’s challenging. I want to give the best version of myself every single day.”

Sharing a disdain for doing things the “easy way,” Tosh became an early proponent of CrossFit and the Rogue brand, competing in events and utilizing CrossFit workouts as a form of Combat Fitness. As president of the charitable Big Fish Foundation, he has also worked with Rogue and other organizations to help fellow veterans transition to civilian life by providing a renewed connection to the fundamental principles of service. Based in Colorado, Big Fish organizes a wide range of programs and events to promote psychological wellness, manage post traumatic/combat stress, and prevent suicide.

You can check out some of Rogue’s exclusive Big Fish gear on this page. To learn more about Tosh’s important work, visit