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How To Assemble The Rogue Abram GHD 2.0

This exclusive Rogue video tutorial shows the step-by-step process for assembling the Rogue Abram Glute Ham Developer 2.0, including visuals of all hardware and components required to get the machine from the unboxing stage to the ready-for-use stage. Please Note: Assembly is more easily and safely achieved with two people, as seen in the video.

Manufactured in Columbus, Ohio, the 2×3” 11-gauge steel GHD 2.0 features a bolt-together, triangular base design and front handle assembly. The ankle roller pads are horizontally adjustable and the vertical position is in the ideal angle for peak muscle recruitment, benefiting any athlete who is training core power and strength. The new swing-arm system in Version 2.0 also enables the user to quickly adjust the roller assembly to a customized setting, with 10 lock-in positions to choose from. For a nearly 200 LB+ machine, the GHD 2.0 is relatively easy to set up and easy to move, with optional wheels creating manageable portability.