Graham Holmberg

Career Highlights

Ohio native Graham Holmberg was the winner of the 2010 CrossFit Games, making him the only competitor to beat fellow Rogue athlete Rich Froning in individual Games competition. The former Capital University football and baseball player has appeared in six CrossFit Games in all, finishing in the Top 25 each time and the Top 10 on three occasions. After finishing 10th at the Central Regionals in 2017, Graham announced that he’d be stepping away from the individual ranks to focus on the team competition in 2018.

Beyond his achievements in the record book, Holmberg’s silent, stoic way of competing has made him a crowd favorite and one of the most revered veterans in the sport. He currently lives just outside Columbus, OH, with his wife Savanna and their sons Storm and Holt and daughter Hatalie. When not competing, he coaches other athletes at his own affiliate—Eleventh Element—in the town of Hilliard.