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IRONBUILT Gym Tour With Ray Williams

7-time Raw National Powerlifting Champion Ray Williams gives Rogue an exclusive tour of his training headquarters: Iron Built Gym in Ashland, Virginia.

This massive Rogue-outfitted gym includes some of Ray’s favorite toys, from the Ohio Power Bar, Pritchett Pad, Combo Rack, and Rogue Velocidor to the “Big Red Machine” itself; his own custom-made, Squat-or-Die power rack. But there’s also some equipment Ray relies on that you wouldn’t normally associate with a 400+ LB King of the Squat.

The Echo Bike might not be in the running to be Ray’s favorite piece of equipment, but he’s got plenty of other contenders.

Check out more of Ray Williams’ trusted gear, career highlights, and more on his Rogue Athlete page here.