Can You Guess This Man’s Age? – Strength Magazine – May, 1928

I used to pride myself on guessing people’s ages. That was before I met Hobart Bradstreet, whose age I missed by a quarter-century. But before I tell you how old he really is, let me say this: My meeting-up with Bradstreet I count the luckiest day of my life. For while we often hear how our minds and bodies are about 50% efficient-and at times feel it to be the truth-he knows why. Furthermore, he knows how to overcome it-in five minutes-and he showed me how. This man offers no such bromides as setting-up exercises, deep-breathing, or any of those things you know at the out-set you’ll never do. He uses a principle that is the foundation of all chiropractic, naprapathy, mechano-therapy, and even osteopathy. Only he does not touch a hand to you ; it isn’t necessary.