‘Ain’t’ (Human) Nature Grand! – Strength Magazine – October, 1928

“Hello, Jimmy, you’re just the fellow I want to see. Come over here a minute.” A well-known physician of Philadelphia was speaking, but it is hardly possible that you would have recognized him as such, had you seen him at the moment. Arrayed in nothing more extensive than a pair of trunks and gym shoes, Dr. (let us call him thus) Jenkinson was busily engaged in making things interesting for the other three-fourths of a very lively doubles game of handball. His partner was another prominent physician, and their opponents were a successful lawyer and a “big business man” who was nothing like as big (about the waist) as most b. b. men are supposed to be. It was five o’clock on a hot July afternoon, and most men would surely look for a pleasant hour in an easy chair beneath an electric fan, but not these wise fellows.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas