American Continental Weight Lifters’ Association Notes – Strength Magazine – February, 1927

During the past few years the scene of weight lifting activities has sped from one place to another with startling rapidity. Commencing in Germany with Henry Stienborn, as the post war star, it passed over to Cadine in France, then Moerke, of Germany, forged ahead, to be superseded by the human dynamo, Rigoulot. It looked as though the old nations were to dominate the iron world entirely and I believe most of us had accepted it as a natural thing when, without a word of warning, the new world scrawled its hand mark over that of Germany and France, with South Africa. Ten to one; some of us scratched our head, and wondered where South Africa was, and gradually we began to differentiate between the Zulu of Bechuanaland and the Anglo Boer of the Transvaal.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas