Beautiful Arms and Shoulders – Strength Magazine – April, 1928

Just recently I accidentally overheard two young men in my office engaging in a little tete-a-tete about things in general, and girls in particular. One of them had been with the company for some time, the other was a newcomer in the city. Said the latter, as the conversation progressed, “You know, I think Charlotte is some good-looking sister-” Charlotte, I might add, is good looking, very-five feet two, eyes of blue, and accessories, as one wit described a girl, describes her very well. “Well,” interrupted the second speaker, “Charlotte is not so bad, but my opinion is that Martha is better looking. You see-” The argument began, and as I was in need of material for an article I really did eaves drop on them a little, for I knew there was a wonderful chance to get the correct version of the opinion of modern young men regarding the physical attributes of modern young women.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas