Can You Play A Man’s Part – Strength Magazine – September, 1920

Suppose you are walking with your mother, sister or best girl, and someone passes a slighting remark, or uses improper language, won’t you be ashamed if you cannot take her part? Well, can you? Or suppose you remonstrate with a man for striking a smaller man, and the bully turns on you. Can you hold your own? Wouldn’t you like to? Or if one of your pals says “Come on, put on the gloves and have some fun,” can you do it, and get any “fun” out of it’? Less than 2 percent of the men and boys in this country know anything about the art of self-defense. Only 2 percent. of our trained athletes know how to box. That means that when the test comes, less than 2 per cent are fit and ready to play a man’s part.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas