Do You Follow a Balanced Diet? – Strength Magazine – April, 1929

To live a healthy, wholesome existence, unconscious of the fact that we have an alimentary tract-and this should be our normal condition-we need more than food. We need a balanced ration-which means indulging our appetites in a trifle more than a little of everything needed to run and repair the sugar-burning compound engine we call our body. The lack of a balanced ration is responsible for many of our most cherished ills. For one thing, it has considerable to do with “spring fever.” Because many of us do not yet have a balanced ration in winter we have “that tired feeling” in the spring. Because we subsist during the bleak season upon a diet deficient in alkaline vegetables and acid fruits, we come out in the spring suffering from cell salt starvation. We are for months at a time deprived of elements vitally necessary to our growth and well-being.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas