Editorial-Skill vs. Strength – Strength Magazine – March, 1928

Back before the war when the old Philadelphia Athletics with McInnis, Collins, Barry and Baker were the astounding team in baseball, they lost their appeal to the fans. Everyone seemed to be willing to grant the point that they could win ball games, and not very many fans were interested in seeing them win. Finally they failed to draw crowds, even in Philadelphia, and eventually the team was broken up. This year every sport writer in America and almost every sport prophet, amateur or professional, predicts an overwhelming triumph for the New York Yankees. No one claims that the Yankees are the fastest or the smartest team that ever played the game, and everyone knows about murderers’ row, that the Yankees will maintain their popularity is almost a certainty. It is also certain that the crowds will come out to see them slain through to victory by sheer strength.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas