Editorial-Sports, Body Building and Weight Lifting – Strength Magazine – June, 1926

When you want to find out the truth about an idea you may happen to have you can sit down and think it over and decide that it sounds logical and that it must, therefore, be so ; or you can go out and try to find a considerable number· of examples which prove your theory, and, find- ing them, you decide the theory is true, or, failing to find them, decide that it is false. These are two different methods of testing the truth of a statement, a claim, or an idea, and both are used every clay; and, although every- one who stops. to think realizes that the first method has, at its best, only one chance in two of bringing forth true results, and the second method has certainly better than nine chances out of ten of doing just that, nevertheless we are all prone to fall into the first and the easiest path.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas