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Editorial – Strength Magazine – December, 1920

In the November issue of STRENGTH, 0.R. Coulter made a plea for the formation of an American Weight Lifting Association. His appeal met with instant response, and it now seems certain that such an association will be formed. The writer has received many letters on the subject, and every one of the letters expresses the opinion that such an association will fill a long-felt need. The general opinion seems to be that there must first be formed a central organization who will appoint responsible persons in each community to organize and conduct local organizations, and in hold frequent competitions. It has been further suggested that the central organization or board of control, or whatever it may be called, should draw up conditions of competition, defining each lift and stating the exact manner in which i”t should be performed, and prescribing certain lifts to be used in general strength competitions. It is quite certain that until we do have such an organization, the present “strong man” controversy will remain unsettled.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas