Experiences Encountered by the Modern Strong Man – Strength Magazine – February, 1926

Speaking about experiences is usually the line preceding a lengthy narrative by the story teller when he has an awed group of people listening to his harangue. When he finishes with his story there is sure to be someone else popping the same phrase, and they, in turn, tell his or her experience, sometimes going into much detail and seldom telling the facts as they really happened. Each time the story is recurred, they exaggerate from the actuality of it. As soon as one story is done with, another one is forthcoming: “And so far into the night,” as it were, to quote Briggs, the eminent cartoonist, story after story is blurted out by the never-tiring talkers. Sometimes the narratives are intensely interesting, of times they are droll, and the audience prays that the end is near.

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