George Kojac, Olympic Champion at 18 – Strength Magazine – April, 1929

Twelve years ago a round-faced, shy, little boy stood on the docks of New York watching the other boys of his age swimming in the East River. “Gee,” he said longingly to one of his playmates, “I wish I could swim.” “Aw,” answered his friend, “it’s easy. Just jump in and swim.” But the youngster shook his head and continued to watch the others dive into the water with envying eyes. After one particularly good dive the child approached the edge of the dock; he suddenly found himself whirling through the air and splashing into the water with a noisy smash. On the dock his playmates· stood laughing and waving their hands. “You’ve gotta swim now, you’ve gotta swim.” They were right, he had to swim. And as-so often happens, he did.

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