How Can I Get More “Nerve Strength” From My Food? – Strength Magazine – April, 1925

What’s the matter with the nervous person ? Why are “nerves”? Can we find out what is the matter? Can we correct it? Can we assume that nerve-
strength is normal, just as is vigorous bodily strength ? But what do nervous people thin!? is the matter with them ? Often they think it is the strain of business life, worry over financial troubles, or even the pressure of exacting work and too much of it. And women sometimes think that they are nervous because of too much housework, the annoyances incident to caring for their children, the way Dad drops his cigar ashes on the rug in spite of everything, Johnny’s trouble at school and a million other worries. Life is too hard. Life is too much. My nerves cannot stand it!

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas